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HMP's New Proposed Plan

New Hawaiian Memorial Park Plan to Establish Cultural Preserve and Conservation Easement On Entire Parcel


The plan adds cemetery space and establishes a cultural preserve while ensuring land will be maintained in conservation


KANEOHE – A new Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery plan seeks to add capacity for interment sites on 27.5 acres of HMP's 156.5-acre parcel adjacent to its developed property. The new cemetery area will be sensitively situated to establish a buffer between the proposed cemetery expansion, Pohai Nani project, and other adjacent residential properties. Originally established in 1958, Hawaiian Memorial Park’s inventory is currently 93 percent sold and in need of expansion to address ever-increasing demand for interment space from Hawaii’s aging population.


The proposed plan also establishes a 14.5-acre cultural preserve to protect Kawa'ewa'e Heiau, a nearly 1,000 year-old temple located on the property. HMP shall work with the community and Native Hawaiian group (Group) in order to establish a preservation and management plan for the Cultural Preserve, in perpetuity.


While the property is estimated to contain between 70 to 80 acres of total usable cemetery area, the current plan seeks to use only 27.5 acres and leaves the remaining 127.8 acres of the parcel as open space and a cultural preserve. As an added level of commitment, Hawaiian Memorial Park has voluntarily agreed to place the entire parcel into a conservation easement, similar to Turtle Bay and the Ka Iwi coastline, to ensure the area is protected from future development in perpetuity.


“This new plan balances the need to meet the island-wide demand for cemetery space while being sensitive to the surrounding community,” said Jay Morford, president of Hawaiian Memorial Life Plan, Ltd. “We’re committed to continuing our 63-year legacy of being good neighbors in Kaneohe and this plan reflects that commitment.”

2021 Plan Summary:

  • 127.8 acres dedicated to cultural preserve and open space

  • Establishes 14.5 acre Cultural Preserve to be maintained by a Native Hawaiian organization

  • Places conservation easement on entire parcel; prohibiting future development in perpetuity

  • New cemetery area limited to 27.5 acres

  • Establishes a buffer between the proposed cemetery expansion, Pohai Nani project, and other adjacent residential properties

  • Mitigates visual impacts

  • Grading/Drainage: HMP shall prepare a detailed “Detention Basin Analysis”, using appropriate computer modeling software, to determine the size of the detention basins to be constructed immediately upstream of each of the existing drainage inlets that will receive runoff from the project. The inflow will be calculated based on at least a 10- year, 24-hour rainfall event and the basins shall be designed so that the outflow from each basin will be limited to the capacity of the existing downstream drainage improvements.

  • Meets the need of providing cemetery inventory for the growing demand from Hawaii's aging population

  • Promotes open space


Located in Kaneohe in the Ko'olaupoko District of Oahu, Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery is one of Hawaii’s premier and more established memorial parks.


Updated January 2020

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